Diageo has promoted its responsible drinking message across the US by using its alliance between its Ciroc vodka brand and Sean Diddy Combs during a recent boxing match.

During the Trinidad-Jones Mega Fight, held at Madison Square Garden in New York last Saturday (19 January), fans were encouraged, via ring advertising and hand-out metro cards, to celebrate the bout by drinking responsibly and getting home safely.

Sean Diddy Combs said: "When I started this relationship with Diago and Ciroc it was important for us to align ourselves with great events. One of our primary priorities was to be able to take our alignment with the event and to also promote social responsibility."

Combs added: "The campaign with Don King is the latest example of the initiative. What we say to those who are Ciroc fans, is to do it with sophistication, dignity and with restraint, and when you do it with that, you can have a celebration that's second to none."