The new-look Smirnoff

The new-look Smirnoff

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Diageo has devised a new bottle for Smirnoff to emphasise the vodka's quality and its heritage as a supplier to Russia's Imperial Court.

Smirnoff No.21 and its flavoured varieties will be available in new 70cl and 1.5-litre bottles worldwide from the beginning of July, Diageo said this week. A 50cl bottle size will also be launched from late August.

Diageo has changed the vodka brand's main icon from a spike to a "Regal Eagle", which is accompanied on the bottle by a reference to Smirnoff's supply contract with the Russian Tsars.

"With this redesign we’re looking to encapsulate the premium, heritage and purity cues that consumers associate with the Smirnoff brand, as well as providing a contemporary edge to keep the bottle looking fresh for maximum standout on shelf," said Amy Mooney, senior brand manager for Smirnoff at Diageo's UK business.

Greater use of embossing is intended to emphasise the vodka's quality.

Diageo has also flagged up the vodka's original producer, Ste Pierre Smirnoff Fls, on the new bottle design.