Diageo this week unveiled the launch of its second advert in the Not the Usual advertising campaign for Smirnoff vodka in the UK.

The ad campaign has focussed on the distinctive attributes of Smirnoff vodka.

In this advert called Diamond, the spotlight is on the words 'Ten Times Filtered' - which is part of the Smirnoff vodka production process.

The new ad will launch on 22nd October in cinemas during the first week of 'Alfie' starring Jude Law. The TV launch will be on 12th November during 'About a Boy' on ITV1, and the ad will be on air until Christmas on terrestial and satellite TV. Media spend is £3m.

Diamond is narrated by the actor and Coen Brothers regular, Jon Polito. After his character dies, his body is cremated and his ashes are collected in an urn, which his brother then takes to a company called 'Live On'. The company uses a scientific process to turn the ashes into a diamond. In the final shot we see the resulting diamond glinting in the tooth of a woman.

The inspiration for Diamond came from coverage in national newspapers earlier this year about a new scientific process which can turn human ashes into diamonds - a process made possible by the fact that both human ashes and diamonds are made of carbon.

James Pennefather, marketing manager for Smirnoff at Diageo Great Britain said: "We believe that the best way to deliver further growth for Smirnoff and for our customers is for our communications to focus on the difference between Smirnoff and other vodkas. This ad campaign focuses on some of the attributes of Smirnoff, which make it superior to other vodkas. The distinctive packaging, which was launched here in March, also reinforces the premium status and quality of Smirnoff vodka.

"With the new ad, we made a decision to launch in cinemas first before airing on TV. This will allow us to generate talkability about the ad before its mainstream TV launch.

In addition to the advertising, there will be a £1m nationwide "Not The Usual" outdoor 48-sheet campaign to give even greater brand presence during December.