Diageo is this week launching a new UK TV ad for its Guinness brand as part of its 'Made of More' campaign. 

The ad, which will be premiered on Wednesday (15 January), features  'Sapeurs' - men who are part of a sub-culture in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, identified by their colourful and refined dressing. The 'Sapeurs' are seen showing off their attire in a bar where people are drinking Guinness. 

A Diageo spokesperson declined to detail the spend on the ad. 

“What we love about the Sapeurs and drew us to them was not only the vibrancy and colour, but at its core, their story is one of dignity and self-expression,” said Stephen O’Kelly, Guinness' Western Europe marketing director. 

Diageo revealed last September it was planning to spend GBP34m (US$53m) to reinvigorate the Guinness brand in the UK. However, it admitted in November that a link-up with the Jonathan Ross Show had 'failed to meet expectations'