Monye is said to be a keen amateur chemist

Monye is said to be a keen amateur chemist

Diageo has teamed up with England rugby international Ugo Monye to launch a fragrance that combines Guinness with the 'essence' of the game.

Fans will be able to douse themselves with free samples of the aftershave when they buy pints of Guinness at the Guinness Premiership final at Twickenham on 29 May, Diageo said today (1 April).

The fragrance, which comes in a bottle moulded on Monye's honed body, defines the essence of rugby by mixing scents such as sweat, deep heat and mud, together with Guinness.

"I wanted to create an aftershave that truly captures the unique smells of rugby," Monye said today (1 April).

"Not only will wearing the fragrance remind you of playing rugby it will also give you that rough and ready odour for a manly edge," said Monye, who also plays for Harlequins.

Lee Bailey, Diageo's sponsorship manager, enthused: "Fans who watch the Guinness Premiership Final will be able to watch top class rugby while feeling like they are in the thick of the action with Ugo's unique fragrance."

However, sources close to the firm expressed concern today (1 April) that the aftershave's French working title, Eau D'Rugby, may not wash with English fans at Twickenham.