Diageos new Pimms posters display the address of the nearest participating pub

Diageo's new Pimm's posters display the address of the nearest participating pub

A trial campaign from Diageo is to use digital posters at London bus stops to direct consumers to the best local bar for drinking Pimm's.

The push, in partnership with Taylor Walker pubs, will see sensors installed in a selection of on-premise sites that count the number of smartphones in each location. The sensors can judge if a bar is too busy.

That data is then feed to the bus stop posters, which display the address of the nearest pub where there is space.

In another twist, the posters are only activated once the temperature is above 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit).

Diageo's new technology and media innovation manager, Jonathan Ansell, said: "We’re really excited about this trial which marks both a unique partnership with some of our customers and innovative use of footfall and thermal sensors in an out-of-home campaign. We’ve chosen transport networks to try to win that vital first drink of the night."

The trial, which will run until early next month, is in eight Taylor Walker pubs in Victoria and The Metro restaurant and bar in Clapham.

This month, Diageo launched an advertising campaign for its new Pimm's Cider Cup brand, which was rolled out in March.