Diageo first launched DrinkiQ in 2008

Diageo first launched DrinkiQ in 2008

Diageo has beefed up its online information portal DrinkiQ, adding more nutritional content for its products and a calculator to help track alcohol and calorie intake.

The revamped website, launched today, includes for the first time a breakdown of fat, sugar, caffeine and salt content to go with calories, carbohydrates and protein. Diageo said the move will help consumers "make more informed choices about alcohol".

"We believe in helping people to understand what's in their drink and to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking," said Carolyn Panzer, Diageo's alcohol in society director. "Alcohol is alcohol. There is no drink of moderation - only a practice of moderation."

The drinks calculator allows consumers to track the amount of alcohol they are drinking per serving and how many calories they have consumed for a range of common drinks, Diageo said. The website, which the company first launched in 2008, also includes tips on responsible drinking and how food, age, size and gender affects how the body processes alcohol.

The upgrade follows Diageo's commitment to add nutritional information on the labels of its global brands, announced last March.

European alcohol producers have stepped up efforts to provide calorie and nutritional details on their products as EU regulators bring new scrutiny to the sector. Brewers of Europe members pledged last year to show calorie counts and ingredients for all beers ahead of a report from the European Commission.