Diageo has requested that authorities in Scotland review a proposed ban on drinks promotions, according to local reports. The Scotsman said yesterday (10 May) that the drinks company has branded a proposed ban by the Scottish Executive on two-for-one and cheap second measure offers as being "over the top."

"We support the principle that deep discounting is irresponsible," Diageo's government affairs director Tim Rycroft told the paper," but banning any discount on additional measures is going too far."

Scottish ministers are keen to ban free and discounted second measures in an attempt to clamp down on what they call "irresponsible drinks promotions."

"We are very firmly of the view that … giving people an extra measure on their drink is effectively encouraging people to drink more that they ordinarily would," an Executive spokesman told the Scotsman. "It is this which causes many of the problems we see in our communities today."

"Irresponsible promotions create incentives to speed drink, or to drink alcohol above the recommended daily intake," Rycroft said, "and we don't think all price promotions necessarily do that."

In a written submission to Ministers of the Scottish Parliament, Diageo warned that a ban on cheap second drinks would "restrict unnecessarily the commercial freedom of responsible licensees."