Diageo North America has developed a new print campaign that aims to educate consumers about the zero carb content of several of its spirit brands. The campaign illustrates the fact that the company's Smirnoff vodka, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray brands have zero carbs by playing off the word "Nothing".

The ads will be appearing in the May and June issues of a variety of national publications in the US including Business Week, Playboy and Rolling Stone. The campaign revolves around three different executions. The tagline, "When you're counting carbs, Smirnoff vodka, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray gin all have none" is consistent throughout all three executions. Additionally, a "Cheers to Zero Carbs" logo is featured in the lower right corner of each ad, as well as a reference to a Diageo website, zerocarbparties.com.

"A recent survey showed that 63% of consumers are unaware that Smirnoff vodka, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray actually have zero carbs, when enjoyed on the rocks or with zero carb mixers," said Barry Sheridan, marketing director. "We are in the unique position to educate carb conscious consumers about several brands at one time."

The first execution, called "Mmmm. Nothing," features an empty cocktail glass adorned with a "zero carb" branded stirrer. The empty cocktail glass paired with the ad's tagline infers the consumer's satisfaction with the zero carb cocktail, while at the same time explaining what zero carb spirits lack in carbs they make up for in taste.

"Whole Lot of Nothing," the second execution, features a number of universal phrases for "zero" to illustrate the fact that these spirits have zero carbs.

The third execution, called "Literally Nothing," addresses the saturation of low carb and zero carb products in the market today. The tagline infers that Diageo's zero carb spirits speak for themselves.

"The strength of this campaign comes not only from the recent popularity of the low carb lifestyle, but from our product's individual brand awareness. All four brands combined together strengthens our zero carb message and allows us to reach a number of different audiences," said Sheridan. "This campaign also marks the first time Diageo has displayed a portion of our spirits portfolio in one creative campaign."