Diageo Great Britain has recently set-up Hatch, a new marketing and sales business focused on nurturing new innovations as it attempts to break through into the on-trade market.

In a statement, Mark Taylor, managing director for Hatch at Diageo GB said: "In the UK, there has been a consumer shift from the on-trade to the off-trade over the past few years. As a result, the on-trade are looking for new products and experiences for their consumers. By combining the focus and flexibility of a small business with the added resource of Diageo's on-trade and innovation expertise, we believe that Hatch is uniquely positioned to nurture and grow these new innovations."

The first innovation to be launched through Hatch is 23, a range of three premium juice drinks. The name of the new brand stems from the fact that the earth tilts at an angle of 23 degrees.

Each variant of 23 has been designed to mix with specific spirits and enhance the flavour of the mixed drink. It comes in three varieties - Green, Red and Blue. 23 Green is a crisp blend with sharp Mexican limes and a subtle note of cactus, while 23 Red balances the flavours of satonishiki cherries and Japanese ume plums. 23 Blue is a dry blend with the cool refreshing juice of bilberries, the traditional berries of Iceland.

All varieties blend with vodka, but 23 Green can be mixed with gin, white or spiced rum, 23 Blue with gin or fruit schnapps, and 23 Red with dark spirits like bourbon. 

"Current mixers have been around for decades, but peoples' tastes are more experimental today," Taylor added. "In 23, we have created a line of versatile mixers that enhance the taste of spirits and give people more choice for mixed drinks."

Hatch has launched 23 to help invigorate the spirits category in the on-trade by offering a range of mixers that provide consumers with more choice in mixed spirits drinks. All 23 mixers became available from the end of September in selected high-end bars.

All three drinks come in 150ml bottles, and will have a recommended retail price of £1.70 each.

The launch of 23 will be supported by advertising, PR and sampling, along with bespoke marketing activity for on-trade outlets selling the products.