Diageo is to launch a new global advertising campaign for Smirnoff Ice. The first ad in the global campaign, 'Garden', launches in Great Britain on April 11th on terrestrial and satellite TV. 
The adverts will feature a character called Uri, and the world he lives in and his pride and joy, his refrigerator. 

Kathryn Barlow, senior brand manager for Smirnoff Ice at Diageo Great Britain said: "In Uri, we believe we've created a unique character who will capture the imagination of our main audience, 18 to 24 year-old men.  Uri is a fan of Smirnoff Ice. He has a unique take on life, something he shares with a charm and wit that our main audience will really respond to.

"These consumers don't want to be sold to," said Barlow, "it's about engaging them in a way that doesn't try too hard".  To this end the campaign has been executed in a 'mockumentary' style to bring to life Uri's fresh and distinctive world.

"The 'Uri' creative will run through everything we do on Smirnoff Ice, which will incorporate activity on radio, outdoor, bus-sides, online, pr, and a new range of PoS.

"Uri's website, www.uriplanet.com, will also launch in mid-April with content reflecting his range of interests, bringing him into the homes of those who want to see more. We're also working on a experiental event which will see Uri's back garden being brought to this country, to host a massive snowball fight in the middle of summer!"

The campaign is supported by launch media spend of £4m in Great Britain over the next three months.