Talisker has launched a new 18-year-old version of its malt whisky. The first ever bottling of Talisker at this age to be offered by the distillery will be joined by a limited quantity 25-year-old malt. Both will be available in a new livery, as will Talisker 10-year-old.

On the carton, the new blue tint more clearly signals the whisky's maritime location, and will deliver greater shelf presence, the company said. An embossed map helps to locate Skye in the context of Scotland.

On the bottle, the front label carries an outline map of Skye and an emphasised age statement to reinforce the whisky's authenticity. The bottle is of clear glass as before.

The blue foil and cap of the 10-year-old echo the carton colour. The colours are coded within the new livery range to distinguish different Talisker categories. The 18-year-old expression will carry a gold foil and cap, whilst the 25-year-old will be pewter coloured. The new packaging was developed by award-winning designer Glenn Tutssel, of Enterprise IG.

Nicholas Morgan, marketing director for Diageo's Premium Malts, said: "Talisker has been called 'One of the world's great whiskies', and its success in independently-judged competitions confirms this. Now we can present it with a new label and packaging that does full justice to Talisker's unique character and provenance, and speaks to the expectations of our discerning consumers.

"On top of that, adding an 18 year old to the regular bottling range will meet some of the growing demand for older Talisker."

The new 18-year-old Talisker was launched in London yesterday (7 October).