Diageo Great Britain has unveiled two TV ads highlighting responsible drinking. The company said today (14 February) that over 8m people in the UK will be targeted by the adverts.

The advertisements, titled 'Many Me' and 'Mirror' will be launched on Friday (17 February) in the London, Manchester and Nottingham regions, where existing Diageo GB responsible drinking initiatives are in place, and will run for a two-month period. The advertisements are set in the drinking environments of a night out in a bar and at a house party and illustrate how excessive drinking for both men and women can ruin a good evening.

Kate Blakeley, head of social responsibility at Diageo GB, said: "As a leading alcohol producer we recognise we have a role to play in encouraging people to enjoy our drinks responsibly. We hope the campaign shows that no matter where you mix socially, alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation."

Andy Fennell, Diageo Europe marketing and innovation director, said: "This campaign shows the negative impact that irresponsible drinking can have on you and the way others perceive you. It also shows the positive impact of being in control and at your social best. It is an empowering message, demonstrating that how you drink comes down to personal choice. We want people to enjoy alcohol in moderation and hope this campaign, alongside other initiatives from the drinks industry, Government and others, helps to make positive changes to our drinking culture."

The 'Many Me' advert shows a man considering the route a typical night out at a bar could go. He sees himself enjoying the company of friends, however, he also sees himself having too much to drink and becoming unruly and messy. The barman's question to the man at the end, 'So, what'll it be?', has a double meaning and emphasises the message that everyone has a choice about how much they drink. The end line is 'Don't see a Great Night Wasted'.

The 'Mirror' advertisement follows a woman at a house party. At the start of the evening, she is enjoying herself and chatting to friends. Later she becomes aware that, reflected in the mirror and other surfaces, she is seeing someone who looks like herself also at the party. The difference is this woman's behaviour - she is losing control and her friends are no longer as warm or welcoming as before. The woman realises that this is her drunk self and the ad closes with the strapline 'Make sure you like what you see'.