The world's largest wine and spirit group Diageo has delivered one of the first corporate-sponsored humanitarian aid missions to victims of Hurricane Charley.

The company provided power to operate Hardee County's only solid waste facility, a facility critical to public health in crisis situations.

Two additional generators are poised to power a local campground being used as temporary shelter for displaced families.
Diageo's relief mission, the "Spirit of America Humanitarian Aid Mission," brought three giant electricity generators to Hardee County, one of the state's hardest hit areas. These large generators - one of which was running the landfill less than 72 hours after the storm struck - can power major municipal facilities and are bringing lifesaving relief to the devastated area.

Ivan Menezes, president and CEO of Diageo North America, said: "Diageo is proud to help provide relief to the victims of this tragedy. We are a company made up of families that cares about families. We moved as quickly as possible to do what we could to alleviate some of the suffering of those who have already suffered more than enough."