Diageo is calling for facts labels to be placed on alcohol beverages in the US.

The UK-based drinks giant in a media statement has pointed out that nutritional labelling is evident on almost everything that is eaten and drunk in the US.

"But did you know product information like this doesn't exist on packaging for most beer, wine and spirits?" the statement asked.

The company continued that, in a recent poll, 76% of consumers say the nutritional labelling on packaged food helps them decide which product to buy. And 83% believe alcohol beverage labels should tell you how much alcohol is in a serving.

Guy Smith, executive vice president with Diageo North America, said: "We agree with consumers that they should know how much alcohol is in their favourite beer - or, for example, how many calories are in a glass of wine or an ounce and a half of vodka.

"Voluntary and consistent labelling must be approved by the government - and we need consumers to speak out by going to http://www.knowyourdrink.com/ to tell regulators they want this kind of information on all alcoholic beverage packages."