Diageo has said that it will launch Zwack, a Hungarian premium liqueur, in the US.

The spirit, known as the 'national shot of Hungary', is to be distributed nationally by Diageo North America, the firm said today (2 December).

Zwak is aged in oak casks for a minimum of six months, giving it a dark, amber colour, and is best served ice-cold, straight up as a shot, Diageo said.  

"Zwack has been the national shot of Hungary for more than 200 years," said Izabella Zwack. 

Available in a dark green bottle, Zwack is produced in Budapest, Hungary, and is a 40% ABV liqueur available in 50 ml, 750 ml, and 1 litre bottles at an RRP of US$23.99 for a 750 ml size.

Joseph Cannavo, US brand manager for Zwack, said: "We're confident that American adult consumers will find Zwack to be a welcome addition here in the United States as well."