Diageo said the recall is voluntary

Diageo said the recall is voluntary

The Canadian division of Diageo has issued details of a voluntary product recall of several Smirnoff Ice SKUs in the country.

The recall, announced on Friday, is due to the risk of small fragments of glass in bottles. It affects 33cl glass bottles of 11 Smirnoff Ice expressions with specific lot codes, available in 4- and 12-pack and individual bottle packages.

“The company issued this voluntary recall after its ongoing quality assurance process detected quality issues with some bottles that could cause small glass fragments to break off and fall inside,” the unit said.” The affected bottles came from a third-party glass manufacturer that supplies bottles to the company for use in Canada.”

Diageo said that it believes “significantly leas than 1% of these bottles are impacted”.

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  • Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini 330ml (4 Pack) L5204 & L5231
  • Smirnoff Ice Green Apple 330ml (4 Pack) L5205 & L5232
  • Smirnoff Ice Raspberry 330ml (4 Pack) L5205 & L5232
  • Smirnoff Ice Cranberry & Lime 330ml (4 Pack) L5205 & L5206 & L5232 & L5233
  • Smirnoff Premium Mixed Drinks Variety Pack 330ml (12 Pack) L5137 & L5139 & L5203 & L5231
  • Smirnoff Ice 330ml (12 Pack) L5210 & L5236 & L5237
  • Smirnoff Ice Watermelon Mimosa 330ml (4 Pack) L5206 & L5233
  • Smirnoff Ice 330ml (4 Pack) L5207 & L5208 & L5236 & L5237
  • Smirnoff Ice Light 330 ml (4 Pack) L5207 & L5233 & L5234
  • Smirnoff Ice 330ml (individual bottles) L5209 & L5210 & L5233
  • Smirnoff Orange ScrewDriver 330ml (4 Pack) L5206 & L5207 & L5234 & L5235 & L5236

“Consumers who have purchased the particular Smirnoff Ice flavors listed above on or after July 24, 2015 should check to see if any of their purchases match the flavours and lot codes in the table above. Lot codes are located on the shoulder of the bottle. Consumers with matching lot codes should call 866-915-5949 or email smirnoffice@consumer-care.net.”

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