German wine co-operatives Deutsches Weintor and Niederkirchener Weinmacher have completed their merger as the two look to “adapt towards a changing wine market”.

The combined entity, which will take the Deutsches Weintor name, will be the largest wine co-op in both vineyard size and in turnover in the Pfalz region of Germany, the two bodies said late last week. As well as merging, the two intend to “expand their existing partnership of bottling, supply chain and IT”.

“This step is in the best interests of our members and growers,” said Marian Kopp. MD of Niederkirchener.

Deutsches Weintor board member Jürgen Grallath added: “Our aim is to increase the profits of our shareholders and members, and to secure the long-term income and value of both companies.

“Increased competition and higher quality expectations have to be addressed with larger units in production, sales and marketing.”

Based on fiscal 2010-11 figures, the merged entity will have an annual turnover of around EUR35m (US$47m).

The company's head office will be based in Ilbesheim in the Pfalz region.