Dentists in Australia are calling for the urgent removal of soft drinks and sports drinks from schools in the country. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has said that children as young as six are having their new teeth eroded by acidic soft drinks, destroying tooth enamel and stripping teeth of essential elements.

Speaking to the Sunday Tasmanian, ADA president Paul Renner said: "This is a new phenomenon. With babies, their rotten teeth will fall out and they'll grow new ones but we're seeing six-year-olds having their first molars eroded by soft drinks."

Some toddlers are even being forced to wear dentures because of severe dental decay from soft drinks, the newspaper reported.

A Coca-Cola Amatil spokesman told the Sunday Tasmanian that removing soft drinks from all schools was a "simplistic" solution.

"On average, students in secondary schools drink one and a quarter cans from our vending machines a week so the figures don't support (large rates of consumption by students)," he said.