Following the changes made in its state excise policy, the Delhi government is expecting to collect an additional excise duty of around Rs 70 crore.

The increase is expected to come from increased liquor sales and an increase in liquor licensing fees, after the government decided to allow private companies to sell liquor in the capital.

A report by the Business Standard claims that the increase in revenue from state excise is expected to contribute largely to the projected increase in the budget estimate for excise collection during the current fiscal.

Today the state government has invited applications from private players for licenses for the wholesale vending of imported foreign liquor, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer in the capital for the licensing period 2001-02.

Licensees will be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks on payment of a registration fee including a brand fee, which is payable on a variable basis depending on what month permission to introduce the brand was granted.

April 27 is the last date for submitting applications.

According to the Business Standard the change in the state excise policy, which allows private companies to stock up to 20 litres of IMFL and imported liquor, was announced on April 15.