Indian wine market gets a boost

Indian wine market gets a boost

The Government of Delhi has allowed sales of both domestic and foreign wines in supermarkets for the first time.

Retailers can apply to Delhi authorities to pay INR200,000 (US$4,250) for a licence to sell wine, with an extra 10% charge for foreign wine.

“It’s a very good move for the domestic as well as foreign wine producers," Rukn Luthra, managing director of Remy Cointreau's India business, told just-drinks today (25 June). 

"Foreign wine brands are already available in the Indian market, but the access to foreign wine in the country is limited. Allowing wine sales in the supermarkets in Delhi will, definitely, give an extra mileage to the wine industry as a whole,” Luthra said.

Pramod Krishna, director general of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies that represents UB Group, said: “The consumers of Delhi will get good wines now. Storage is an important issue for wine. Most of the outlets in Delhi are not much aware of maintaining certain temperature for wine storage. It is expected that the supermarkets will store the wine properly.”

Subhash Arora, president of the Indian Wine Academy, welcomed the move after the Government had "sat on the idea for several years".