Click through to view Del Monte Fruit Burst

Click through to view Del Monte Fruit Burst

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Del Monte Fruit Burst

Category - Soft drink, 

Available - From this month

Location - UK, in branches of Tesco supermarkets ahead of “other supermarkets” in the coming weeks

Price - RSP of GBP1.29 (US$2.07) per 1-litre bottle, also available in 6x20cl multi-packs

Distribution - The Gerber Juice Company

Del Monte has lined up the launch of a juice brand aimed at children aged between seven and 13. The Fruit Burst range comprises cool cherry & luscious lime, sour apple & strawberry, sweet apple & blackcurrant and sherbet lemon, orange & lime flavours.

All four contain vitamins to “help combat tiredness, so promoting learning and giving stamina to growing brains”, the company said.

The Fruit Burst range will be stocked in the ambient juice sections of UK supermarkets.

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Del Monte is launching a new range of fruit juice drinks aimed at children aged 7 to 13, with the slogans: “Fruit-fuel, it’s not rocket science!” and “Helps you think when you drink.”  The leading juice brand’s Fruit Burst range is packed with vitamins to help combat tiredness, so promoting learning and giving stamina to growing brains.

It’s available in four tempting flavours to appeal to the target age group: cool cherry and luscious lime, sour apple and strawberry, sweet apple and blackcurrant and sherbet lemon, orange and lime.  All four varieties contain vitamins B5, B6 and B12 plus folic acid to fight fatigue, which in turn can improve children’s stamina and help their learning. 

The vibrant Del Monte Fruit Burst packaging is unique in the children’s drinks category because it’s emblazoned with fiendish puzzles designed to make kids really stop and think. There are fun family brainteasers, amazing optical illusions and highly stimulating questions inviting children to “solve the unsolvable.”

To add to the fun, each flavour carries different brain trainers on the carton and examples include the riddle: “What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes?”   Among the challenging questions is: “Do black holes exist?” with prizes for the best answers submitted by email.

All cartons are brightly coloured to reflect their fruit content, such as deep pink and vivid green for cool cherry and luscious lime, and carry the Fruit Burst logo: a light bulb sparking with Del Monte fruit juice energy.

“Good hydration is vital for growing children and there is a wealth of research to show healthy eating and drinking helps them to do better at school,” says says Frans Van Melis, Vice President Operations at Del Monte.  “The added vitamins in Fruit Burst® give an extra boost to help their learning.”

Fruit Burst from Del Monte will appear on ambient shelves in supermarkets from January 2013. It’s available in 6x200ml multipack and 1 litre cartons.

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