Click through to see De Bortolis Melba Mimi

Click through to see De Bortoli's Melba Mimi

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De Bortoli's Melba Mimi 2008

Category - Wine, Australian, red, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Nebbiolo, 13.5% abv

Available - From last month

Location - UK, outlets not specified

Price - GBP19.99 (US$32.25) per 75cl bottle

Distribution - De Bortoli Wines Ltd

De Bortoli has added a third variant to its Melba wine range in the UK. Melba ‘Mimi’ is named after the character in Puccini’s La Boheme, performed by Dame Nellie Melba.

The Melba range also includes the Melba Reserve 2007 and the Melba Lucia 2007.

“We lost our way for a long time in Australia with Cabernet but I think there is a nice resurgence happening now,” said De Bortoli's chief winemaker, Steve Webber. “Having tried for a long time to make Cabernet by itself, I don’t’ think that works any more, I think it makes a far more interesting and compelling wine when it’s blended.”