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Volvic Touch of Fruit Coco-Pineapple & Volvic Touch of Fruit Cherry 

Category - Water, flavoured

Available - rolling out this month and February 

Location - All “major” UK retailers 

Price - GBP1 (US$1.65) per 1.5-litre bottle, or GBP0.80 per 50cl bottle

Danone has announced details of two flavoured extensions of its Volvic water brand, to be launched exclusively in the UK.

Volvic Touch of Fruit Coco-Pineapple is described as a “Brazil-inspired” special edition variant. The other launch, Volvic Touch of Cherry is a new “core” flavour, the group said last week. 

Both flavours will be available in 50cl and 1.5-litre bottles in all “major” UK retailers. 

Danone also announced the roll out of other additional lines in the UK. These include a sparkling version of Volvic natural mineral water in a 1.5-litre format, currently available in Germany. A strawberry variant of its Volvic Juiced range and a new special edition Perfectly Peachy line. 

Danone said it plans to launch its “biggest ever marketing campaign” in the UK later in the the year, to support the Volvic brand. 

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