Dabur Foods Ltd is expected to introduce four fruit-based beverages to its portfolio this year, claims a report by the Hindu Business Line.

The company has also announced its plans for one-litre packs of its fruit juice brand, Real, which is currently available in five flavours - orange, mango, pineapple, mixed fruit and tomato.

It was also reported by Business Line that in partnership with Tetrapack, Real will be available in one-litre packs with a spin cap as well as the six-layered composite carton with double seal capping.

Prices for the Real 200ml pack size have also been restructured and have been reduced from Rs15 to Rs13 for the orange and pineapple flavours and Real mango has been reduced from Rs12 to Rs10. While Real orange, mango and tomato have been increased from Rs58 to Rs60 and the mixed fruit and pineapple variants have been increased to Rs68 from Rs65.

Dabur is also planning school-based programmes for Real as well as more sampling and media presence. The company also plans to step up its Real presence in the exports market.