According to Datamonitor, Cuervo is looking to reposition itself from a party drink purely for twenty-somethings. In an effort to broaden the appeal of its tequila to all ages the company is unleashing a series of localised adverts across the world. The goal is for consumers to perceive tequila as an alternative to gin, vodka or rum.

Along the way Cuervo faces two key hurdles to success. Firstly it must overcome language barriers - a particular cause for concern with slogans which do not translate well. Datamonitor reports Cuervo has had limited success with its "Not even the Internet makes people as comfortable in the same room" strap line.

The second issue for Cuervo is how to address the positioning of its various tequilas within each market. For instance in its home market of Mexico, Cuervo Gold is positioned at the lower end of the market Its Gran Centenario luxury brand does not even bear the Cuervo name. By contrast, in the US and Europe, Cuervo Gold is positioned as an upmarket drink. Only time will tell how well Cuervo can use its marketing prowess to create different perceptions of the same product.