UK dentists have warned that soft drinks considerably increase the risks of tooth erosion in teenagers. In a report published in the British Dental Journal, it was found that fizzy soft drinks increases the risk of tooth erosion in a 14-year-old by three times.

It went on to say that four or more glasses a day increased the risk by 513%.

According to a survey, some 37% of 14-year-olds were drinking several glasses a day. However, among 12-year-olds the problem was not as severe, with nearly a quarter not consuming fizzy drinks and only 30% drinking several glasses a day. For 12-year-olds the consumption of fizzy drinks increased the chance of tooth erosion by 59%. It rose to 252% for those drinking several glasses.

Peter Rock, reader in orthodontics at the University of Birmingham, said: "This research identifies fizzy drinks as by far the biggest factor in dental erosion among teenagers."