Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages has begun a marketing stunt for its 7UP soft drinks brand, aligned with recent UFO sightings across Florida in the US.

The Texas-based company said on Friday (25 April) that it has delivered a shipment of 7UP to "potential landing sites" around Phoenix and Orlando in the country. Any CSDs unclaimed by "alien invaders" will be "free for any lucky uneaten humans to take for themselves", the company said.

7UP director of brand marketing Matt Smith added: "Any aliens with the technology to cross the vast gulf of space and enter Earth's atmosphere unchallenged are clearly far more advanced than we are, so any attempt to fight them would be futile. The best thing to do is to appease these creatures with a large supply of refreshing 7UP. I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords and, quite frankly, the worst case is that they'll have something naturally delicious to wash us down with."

CSAB's portfolio also includes brands such as Dr Pepper, Snapple, Schweppes and Orangina.