Crown Holdings is increasing can production at two of its facilities in North America.

The US company said yesterday (21 March) that the move follows growing demand for energy drinks, juices and beer in cans of different sizes to the standard 12oz.

At Crown's Batesville, Mississippi plant, one of the existing lines will be converted to add the capability to manufacture 16oz cans. This conversion will enable Crown to supply speciality-sized beverage containers to customers in the South Central, Southeastern and Midwestern US. In 2004, Crown initiated an investment programme at the plant to enhance production efficiencies and introduce the manufacture of 8oz beverage cans.

Crown's Montreal, Canada facility, meanwhile, is converting its beverage production line to handle multiple container sizes on an interchangeable basis. This 'swing' line will enable production of 5.5oz and 8.3oz slim cans, as well as standard 12oz and 16oz containers.

"Crown is committed to offering 'Brand-Building Packaging' solutions that satisfy changing market needs and modern consumer preferences," said Tom Fischer, vice president, sales & marketing, Crown Beverage Packaging USA. "Taking these production steps in Batesville and Montreal supports that strategy as well as Crown's long-term commitment to our customers."

"In addition to offering improved products through innovations like the SuperEnd beverage end, expanding our production of speciality can sizes will further strengthen our ability to supply customers with the packaging they need to build brand equity and loyalty with consumers," added Mark Ketcheson, vice president, sales, Crown Metal Packaging Canada.

Earlier this year, Crown announced that it would build a new drinks can facility in Cambodia, through its subsidiary in the region, Crown Asia Pacific Holdings.