Crown Holdings is to construct a new beverage can facility in Cambodia.

The new plant, to be built by Crown's subsidiary Crown Asia Pacific Holdings, will be located in the suburbs of the capital Phnom Penh, and will have an annual production capacity of around 500m two-piece, 33cl aluminium beverage cans. Commercial production is scheduled to begin by mid-2007, the company said yesterday (23 February).

"We are excited to be moving forward with a new beverage can plant to serve the Cambodian market," said William Voss, president of Crown's Asia-Pacific Division. "Our beverage cans have been imported into Cambodia at an accelerating rate over the last few years and the market there for soft drinks and beer continues to grow rapidly.

"We have been producing beverage cans in south-east Asia for over 30 years and this is a natural extension of our commitment to support the growing needs of our global and regional customers and to help them continue to build their brands."

With this investment, Crown will operate ten 2-piece beverage can plants in Asia - four in China and six plants in South East Asia with two in Vietnam and one plant each in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.