One of the Baird beers being shipped to Europe

One of the Baird beers being shipped to Europe

Distributor Number One Drinks Company is targeting European markets with its portfolio of Japanese craft beers.

Six beers from Numazu-based Baird Brewing Company, five in bottled format and one in keg, are now being shipped to the UK and sold through Utobeer, the distributor said earlier this week. The beers are: Rising Sun Pale Ale (5.3%), Red Rose Amber Ale (5.8%), Numaza Lager (5.4%), Shimaguni Stout (4.6%), Teikoku IPA (6.5%) and Suruga Bay Imperial IPA (7.8%).

Five bottled beers from Osaka-based Minoh brewery are also being sold by Utobeer.

Number One Drinks is a specialist distributor of Japanese whisky, but on its new venture, a spokesperson told just-drinks: "It's early days, but we feel there is definitely an opportunity to be had (in Europe) with the rise in popularity of Japanese culture." 

In Sweden, five beers from Baird's range also went on sale through the state-run Systembolaget last month, the spokesperson confirmed. 

The company is also targeting Norway and France with its range of Japanese beers.

Products from the distributor's craft beer range have been on sale in Taiwan for the past six months. 

David Croll, Number One Drinks' Asia MD, said: “The craft beer revolution is in full swing in Japan." 

For whisky, Number One Drinks holds exclusive worldwide distribution rights for Chichibu, Hanyu and Karuizawa.