Courvoisier is bringing its "Find Greatness Within" campaign to life with the aid of apparel company, Lifted Research Group, by building temporary co-branded "pop-up stores" in retail spaces across key markets.

The first store, to launch on 17 April in Los Angeles, will feature Courvoisier-branded apparel designed by Jonas Bevacqua. 

A marketing campaign by Complex Media to support the initiative will include VIP launch events, customised micro site, online advertising, in-store promotions, a consumer style guide, and sweepstakes.

"This retail footprint will be designed to build a lasting impression for consumers who live and relate to these qualities on a daily basis, only making it that more authentic," said Complex Media CEO Rich Antoniello.

The co-branded installation will remain in each city for three days, allowing consumers to experience the two brands within a "unique retail environment".

A variety of co-branded apparel and accessories designed by Bevacqua will be available in the stores including etched flasks, iPhone cases, jackets, cardigans, windbreakers and t-shirts.

Courvoisier/LRG pop-up stores will feature at True in San Francisco, End Zone Fashions in Houston, Arrive in Miami, Reed Space in New York City and in Los Angeles.