A wine grower planned to have an Australian winery blown up in a row over grape prices, a court has heard.

Australian Associated Press said today (13 June) that Steven Bergamin, managing director of Bergamin Wines and Spirits, is alleged to have approached an undercover police officer to destroy Gapsted Winery in north-east Victoria, for undercutting the price of excess grapes.

"I want the job done and I want it to look like terrorists have done it," Detecive Senior Constable Damian Jackson told the court Bergamin had said. The court heard that Bergamin was plotting to blow up the winery between November 2002, when Gapsted announced the price cut and February 2003. The alleged plot was called off when Bergamin discovered Gapsted was going broke, the agency said.

Bergamin, 23, is charged with inciting a person to destroy or damage property, and inciting a covert operative to destroy or damage property.

The accused was bailed to appear at Wangaratta Magistrates' Court on 31 August.