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Cott Beverages' RC Kick cola, RCQ Special Edition Flavors

Category - Soft drinks, CSD

Available - From this month

Location - Global, including Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America

Price - Not specified

Distribution - Royal Crown Cola International

Cott Beverages has launched two CSD flavour lines through its Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI) unit.

RC Kick Cola is a blend of RC Cola and guarana. The RCQ Special Edition Flavors range comprises Guava Melon, Cranberry Acai, Sicilian Lemonade and Guarana.

“With consumers in emerging markets thirsting for new flavours, RCCI launched the new flavour lines in order to provide its family of bottlers everything they need to capitalise on that trend,” the company said.

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Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI), a division of Cott Beverages Inc, today announced the availability of an array of new flavors in its beverage portfolio for its global bottler network. RCCI’s expanding bottler network in emerging markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America now has access to “RC Kick” cola and the “RCQ Special Edition Flavors” line. These new options give bottlers an edge in markets where consumer demand for greater flavor variety is growing, broadening their sales potential. The new flavors are additions to RCCI’s existing portfolio of beverage products, which includes RC Cola, RCQ, Upper 10, Cott Rain Energy Drink, Chadwick Bay, and Ben Shaws.

RC Kick Cola combines the great taste of RC Cola with the added punch of guarana, an exotic fruit that gives a natural energy boost. Along with guarana, RC Kick Cola features an advanced blend of sugar and sweeteners to deliver a taste that stays true to the RC Cola flavor consumers know and love, but with fewer calories. Its preformatted packaging designs can be tailored for any market and are available for 2 and 0.5 liter bottles, as well as 16 ounce cans. The bold packaging graphics deliver shelf impact that grabs consumer attention, while the coloring and brand messaging clearly communicate the benefit of guarana and reassure shoppers that they are getting the delicious taste for which RC Cola is known.

Formulated with exotic refreshment in mind, the RCQ Special Edition Flavors line offers a mouth-watering assortment of flavors including “Guava Melon,” “Cranberry Acai,” “Sicilian Lemonade” and “Guarana.” Each flavor’s packaging incorporates a unique creature character that clearly identifies the specific variant to generate attention in stores and forge recognition. These vivid and humorous packages evoke a flavorful sense of fun that appeals to both children and adults alike, while the deliciously exotic tastes can build brand loyalty and drive sales. Pre-formatted package designs are available for both 0.5-litre bottles and 16oz cans.

“We at RCCI are dedicated to supporting our bottlers’ businesses in every capacity, especially in emerging markets. Whether providing technical support and guidance on ensuring product quality, to offering new flavor varieties and eye-catching packaging graphics, our goal is helping our bottlers win at retail and drive market share,” said Moshy Cohen, Vice President, Marketing, Royal Crown Cola International. “We identified that consumers in emerging markets were thirsting for new flavors, and are giving our family of bottlers everything they need to capitalize on that trend.”

In addition to new product development, RCCI’s technical engineers and field support managers provide bottlers with best practices to enhance both efficiency and cost effectiveness. The company’s dedication to both innovation and operational discipline is what ensures a consistent, high-quality flavor for all their products worldwide.

About Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI)

Royal Crown Cola International’s (RCCI) portfolio offers a wide array of beverages. Its flagship brand RC Cola, one of America’s original colas and leading brand for 107 years, is joined by the fresh and fruity flavors of RCQ, crisp lemon-lime taste of Upper 10®, naturally delicious juices of Chadwick Bay™, refreshing energy blend of Cott Rain, and the thirst-quenching mixers of Ben Shaws. Enjoyed by consumers around the world, RCCI’s products are available in more than 60 countries through a global network of bottlers and distributors. Royal Crown Cola International is a division of Cott Beverages Inc., a subsidiary of Cott Corporation.

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