Bebida Beverages Company is looking to launch a purified version of its Piranha Water in the US.

The Las Vegas-based company said yesterday (14 May) that a purified variant will complement the existing spring water version of Piranha, with both versions being available in larger 20oz bottles.

"Now that the industry is made up of two categories - one being a gourmet or imported water the other domestic affordable water - things have changed," said Brian Weber, CEO, Bebida Beverages.

"The cost stranglehold that is created by the big companies has brought the profit margin down to an unsustainable level, therefore ... Piranha water will now `Take a Bite out of thirst' in a blue tinted 20oz bottle, differentiating itself from all the others in 16.9oz clear bottles."

The addition of a purified version will allow the company to package in closer proximity to the majority of the largest retail distribution outlets, added Daisy Ramirez, Bebida's VP.

"As we move forward, Piranha Water as a purified product opens up a whole group of municipal and government agencies that have a tremendous amount of consumption as well as buying power," Ramirez said. "Our sales team will be aggressively seeking these outlets in the weeks to come."

At the same time, Bebida said it is planning to launch a counter-top 2.5oz shot variant of its soon-to-be-released Koma Unwind Relaxation Beverage. Further details behind the launch were not disclosed.