Click through to view a bottle of Corona Light

Click through to view a bottle of Corona Light

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Grupo Modelo has lined up the Irish launch of its Corona Light beer variant.

Barry & Fitzwilliam, which handles the Corona stable in Ireland, confirmed yesterday (12 January) that Corona Light will join Corona Extra in the country from later this month. The move marks the first time the variant will be available outside Mexico and the US, Barry & Fitzwiliam said.

“Our aspiration for Corona Light is to have a 10% market share in year one”, said Barry & Fitzwilliam's (B&F) MD, Michael Barry. The light beer market in Ireland equates to around 50m bottles per year, according to the company.

In line with the increase in bottle size for Corona Extra in Ireland last year, Corona Light will also be available in a 35.5cl bottle, “ensuring at least 7.5% extra for the consumer vis-a-vis competing brands”, the firm added.

Corona Light contains around 99 calories, 30% less than regular bottled beer, B&F added.