The US Corbett Canyon has become the latest high profile winemaker to move its brands into he Stelvin screwcap closure.

In a statement Corbett said that it was immediately moving all its 750ml wines to the superior Stelvin screw top closure.

Corbett Canyon Winemaker, John Clark, said: "I have watched with interest as more high-end wineries move to bottling all or a percentage of their wine with screw tops. I thought to myself it shouldn't just be the appreciators of $150 wines that enjoy the taint-free guarantees that the Stelvin closure offers. In fact, it is even more important that casual wine lovers have a good experience to keep the wine business healthy and growing."

Clark added: "The thought of new or current Corbett drinkers going away thinking he or she didn't like our wine, when in fact the problem was cork taint, is unforgivable. But thanks to the Stelvin closure, cork taint is history. We are focused on our wines becoming the best tasting entry-level varietals available, and it makes sense that we are the first Top 20 wine brand to adopt this closure to guarantee wine quality each and every pour."

To help educate drinkers, the brand is adopting the "Taste the Wine, Not the Cork" tagline, which will appear on all materials, including on the tops of every Stelvin closed bottle. The message is designed to instantly communicate the new package benefit and the resulting improved wine experience.

It is now estimated that 40% of Australian and New Zealand wineries use screw tops and the largest wine retailer in the UK, Tesco, has over 100 screw top wines in store and expects to stock more.