Coors Brewing is looking to up sales through keeping beer colder for longer.

The US brewer yesterday (26 April) unveiled three different innovations in both the on- and off-trade.

Coors Light Stay Cold Glassware, a dual-paned glass designed to insulate beer from the heat of the drinker's hand, will be available in bars and restaurants across the US beginning next month.

Cold Wrap Bottles, also designed for the US on-trade, has a label around the whole bottle reflecting the hand's heat away from the beer. The bottles, exclusive to Coors Light for the next year, will also be available in May.

For the off-trade, the brewer is relaunching its Coors Light Plastic Bottle Cooler Box, packaging, a single-use portable cooler requiring the addition of ice. The box contains 18 16-ounce plastic bottles.

"Rocky Mountain cold refreshment is the essence of the Coors Light brand," said Jim Sabia, vice president of marketing for Coors. "These innovations ensure our consumers can 'Taste the Cold' and be refreshed this summer whether they're at a nightclub dancing or at a barbecue with friends."

Coors Light will support the new packaging through a marketing campaign to run throughout the summer, the brewer added, including TV, radio, print and point-of-sale.