According to reports, the US brewer Coors Brewing Co., is poised to sign a US$300m sponsorship deal with the US National Football League (NFL). The deal will displace the US and world number one brewer, Anheuser-Busch, and Philip Morris-owned Miller from their joint position as the NFL's "official" beer sponsors.

An announcement is expected very soon confirming that Coors, the third largest brewer in the US, will take over as the NFL's beer sponsor for the 2002 to 2007 seasons. Insiders have suggested that the company bid more than double what A-B and Miller had offered for the rights.

Coors is reportedly paying $300m over five years for the total sponsorship package including TV advertising and promotional activities. Coors will pay $15m a year for the exclusive rights to use NFL trademarks and individual team logos in its marketing but the related promotional spending, advertising during games and associated marketing activities brings the total investment up to $60m a year.

For the last three seasons, A-B and Miller had split the sponsorship between them. However, they may now be looking at sponsoring individual teams. Under the promotional regulations of the NFL, the teams are allowed to negotiate separate deals with beer companies for local advertising and promotion.