Coors has announced the sale of 730 acres of land in the US. The brewer said yesterday (10 November) that it had entered into a contract to sell its land holdings on South Table Mountain in Colorado to the Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national non-profit land conservation organisation.

It is expected that TPL will purchase the property from Coors and will then convey the land to the Jefferson County Open Space Program for permanent public protection and enjoyment.

Coors also intends to make charitable donations as a part of the overall transaction to TPL to support its ongoing conservation programs across the state and to Jeffco Open Space Foundation, Inc. for the future protection of the South Table Mountain property.

"Coors is committed to preserving the natural resources around us and we're proud to honour our commitment to the environment in this way," said Sam Walker, Coors' group vice president of corporate affairs, in a statement.

"This potential land transfer ensures that individuals and families will be able to enjoy outdoor activities and observe the beauty of South Table Mountain for generations to come.

"We have made substantial progress towards completing this transaction. However, several hurdles regarding due diligence and funding remain to be resolved in the next few weeks," Walker concluded.