Coors Brewers has announced the launch of its mid-strength lager, Carling C2, into the UK off-trade.

The off-trade launch will be supported with a poster campaign kicking off this autumn, called "Welcome To". Coors claims that C2 has the strength of flavour and body of a "proper" pint of lager but with less alcohol.

The brewery has invested over GBP2.5m (US$4.75m) in research, trials and product development for the 2% abv lager, and committed GBP2m support to the off-trade launch of a four-pack format, available from the middle of this month.

Coors is indeed so confident that consumers will enjoy C2, it is launching the beer cans with a money back guarantee on the pack.

Carling customer marketing director Tom Feinson said: "We believe Carling C2 will generate real category growth for retailers - as the UK's No.1 lager brand, leadership means you charter new water.

"Carling C2 is pioneering the mid-strength category - we understand that people are busier and therefore need to fit socialising in with other activities.  This means that alcohol is not always appropriate - however a great tasting beer that's lower in alcohol is the answer.  The solution is a mid-strength lager, which Carling C2 delivers."