Coors Brewing Co. has revamped its Zima malt beverage portfolio in the US.

The US arm of Molson Coors said yesterday (27 February) that it has created three citrus-based flavours - Zima Citrus, Zima Tangerine and Zima Pineapple Citrus - which will be available nationwide from the middle of this month.

The flavours are "lighter in carbonation and alcohol content, making them more drinkable and lower in calories than the old formula", the company said. The three variants are 5% abv and will be available in six-pack 12-oz. bottles and individual 22-oz. bottles.

Lee Dolan, vice president of marketing for Coors, said: "Our research shows that the flavoured malt beverage consumer is looking for something that's refreshing and drinkable. These consumers enjoy trying new and different things, and Zima's new citrus-based flavours and packaging are unique to the category."