Coors Brewers has unveiled a GBP3m (US$5.9m) television advertising campaign set in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

The new campaign, "Hear Me Now!" kicks off on 30 May and will air for eight weeks, alongside a three-month showcase across a raft of additional media channels, including cinema and online platforms.

Set in the surroundings of the Rocky Mountains, 'Hear Me Now!' features two "loveable geeky" guys and their female friend.  Captivated by the light taste of Coors Light they burst into infectious, comedic song.

""Hear Me Now!" captures the brand's infectious party spirit and brings the personality of Coors Light to life through the stars of the ad," said Steve Mitchell, senior brand manager for Coors Light.

Created by the Leith Agency, this is the second Coors Light television advert to air since the brand launched in 2007, supporting its ongoing growth in the UK market.

Last week Coors launched an alcohol responsibility initiative in the US, designed to remind consumers that they "hold the key" to preventing drunk driving.

The "You hold the key… never drive drunk" campaign is designed to remind adult consumers of the solutions to preventing drunk driving, and will be supported through print advertising and logos on all CBC television, print, radio and outdoor ads.