Coors has been rebuked for running misleading adverts. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against the brewer, for claiming that moderate consumption of beer could be good for you.

The complaint, made by the Food Commission, referred to a four-page insert in The Grocer magazine, targeted at the retail trade. The Food Commission objected to claims made in the insert that: "Moderate consumption of beer can ... Slow down the deposition of fat on artery walls: Protect against heart disease by combating narrowing of arteries and blood clotting: Reduce blood pressure due to its low ratio of sodium to potassium" and "be an excellent source of vitamins, especially B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium".

The Authority upheld the complaint. Although the ASA agreed that the magazine that the insert was contained in was not targeted at general consumers, it still asked the advertisers to withdraw the insert and advised them to seek guidance on future advertisements prior to publication.