Coors has launched a consumer campaign to reinforce the brand's heritage in the UK.

The company said today (23 July) that it plans to raise awareness for its Mexican beer brand by throwing 'Solset' parties in fifty bars across London, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle, and Glasgow. The campaign will also involve branded VW Beetles driving around the cities and consumers being handed branded limes directing them to the company's new website to enter a competition to win a fortnight in Mexico.

Senior marketing manager Steve Mitchell said: "Sol is one of the few premium packaged lagers currently in growth, with on-trade distribution increasing from 5% to 7% in 2007. This new campaign aims to raise awareness of the brand with consumers and to paint the most engaging and lively picture of Sol's authentic and original Mexican provenance - giving the trade real opportunities to join in with Sol's continued value growth in outlet."

Sol is owned by CCM, a subsidiary of FEMSA in Mexico. Coors owns the sole marketing and distribution rights for the beer in the UK.