Pete Coors, chairman of US beer giant Coors Brewing, will appear in court next week after being arrested on a drink driving charge in Colorado.

Coors, 59, will attend a court hearing next Thursday (20 July) after he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after leaving a friend's wedding reception. The incident happened on 28 May when Coors was pulled over by a police officer for going through a stop sign.

A Coors Brewing spokesperson told just-drinks today (14 July) that Coors took a breathalyser test and he was found to have a blood-alcohol content of 0.088%, above the legal limit of 0.08%.

Mr. Coors admitted that he had "made a mistake". He said: "I should have planned ahead for a ride.  For years I've advocated the responsible use of our company's products.  That's still my message, and our company's message, and it's the right message.  I am sorry that I didn't follow it myself."

Coors is also vice-chairman of Molson Coors, the world's fifth-largest brewer, formed in 2005 with Coors' merger with Canadian brewer Molson.