Coors Brewing Co. has confirmed the transfer of several of its properties in the US to MillerCoors.

The US arm of Molson Coors confirmed today (21 July) that the real estate transfers form part of the new joint venture in the US and Puerto Rico between Molson Coors and SABMiller.

The recent transfers, both of which occurred earlier this month, include Coors Distributing Co.'s plant in Denver and Coors Brewing's barley grain elevator. Other Coors properties recently shifted to MillerCoors' ownership include the Rocky Mountain Bottle Co. glass bottle-making plant and the endline plant, which makes aluminium can ends.

Last week, MillerCoors, which began operations on 1 July, selected Chicago as the home for its combined headquarters. The new head office will house between 300 to 400 executive and management staff at the HQ, the majority of which will come from Miller Brewing's main office in Milwaukee and Molson Coors' Golden, Colorado base.

In February, Molson Coors vice chairman Pete Coors was cited as saying: "If you pick one city over another (Milwaukee or Golden), people in the other city will say, 'They're running the deal.' I don't think that's particularly healthy."