Coors Brewing Company is launching an alcohol responsibility initiative in the US, designed to remind consumers that they "hold the key" to preventing drunk driving.

The "You hold the key… never drive drunk" campaign is designed to remind adult consumers of the solutions to preventing drunk driving, and will be supported through print advertising and logos on all CBC television, print, radio and outdoor ads.

"We've always been focused on promoting the responsible enjoyment of our products and this campaign speaks directly to our consumers in a way that will resonate with them," said Bill Young, director for US alcohol responsibility at Coors Brewing. "We've built this programme so that all of our distributors and retailers nationwide can participate and help consumers prevent drunk driving."

Three elements of the programme include; 'Responsible Alcohol Server Training'; 'Designated Driver Programs'; and 'Taxi Cab Programs'.

Earlier this month, Coors launched the latest instalment of its GBP14m (US$27.5m) advertising investment behind the Carling lager brand in the UK. The new advert features the same five characters used in previous ads, and again highlights the "unwavering loyalty" of a group of close mates, this time riding to the rescue of a mate trapped at "the tea party from hell".