Coors Brewers has launched what it claims to be the first sub-zero pint in the UK.

The brewer, the European arm of Molson Coors, has unveiled Coors Sub Zero, draught beer served at -2.5ºC.

Stuart Renshaw, the head of marketing for international and portfolio brands at Coors Brewers, said Sub Zero was the culmination of an eight-year project in which the brewer worked to perfect the technology used to serve the beer.

He said Coors Brewers spent over GBP10m (US$18.2m) perfecting the pouring process, which naturally forms crystals to keep the lager at a sub-zero temperature.

"We've always had a massively positive response from consumers since the beginning project eight years ago. There's nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hot day. It was a matter of getting the technical side right to deliver on the promise," Renshaw told just-drinks today (28 June).

Renshaw said beer drinkers, particularly those aged 18 to 24, were demanding ever-colder beer, adding that Coors Brewers had become "the authority" on colder beer since it launched Carling Extra Cold in 2002.

He added that more brewers were likely to launch colder variants of their brands in response to consumer demand. "The extra-cold segment is growing and growing, I think almost every brand will soon be served extra cold."