Australia's Coopers Brewery is pushing into the US via a distribution agreement with Florida-based restaurant franchise The Outback Steakhouse Co.

Coopers chairman and marketing director Glenn Cooper said that although the company had been exporting to the US for a number of years, different licensing and distribution requirements in each state had previously restricted sales to major cities.

However, as part of the Outback contract, Coopers had made a deal with distributors in 50 US states to sell packaged beer across the country through Outback's 775 franchise outlets.

"As well as supplying the Outback Steakhouses, our distributors will be able to open up new sales outlets in each state," Cooper said.

He added that Outback had indicated that Coopers' beers could also be sold from its outlets in Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The company is also trialling keg distribution with the Bondi Bar and Kitchen, an Australian-themed restaurant in San Diego.